Seeking Farmers With Farm House & Land for Partnership

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We are in search of farmers that have  a large amount of land they arent using and possibly an old farm house that staff can stay in to maintain

our investment. We will be putting in fish ponds and growing produce.

We seek farms on the East Coast: Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina only ..

Email us at:


Upscale Koi Ponds Built.. We Travel the USA

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If your looking for a beautiful way to enhance y our home or business.. consider having us build you a Koi Pond.  We also will stock your pond at our wholesale price from our fish farm.

If we travel out of South Carolina… there is mileage, hotel stay added on and meals…

We can give you a package deal and will do our best to work with your budget

Fresh Start Now Sells Koi !!!

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If your interested in purchasing Koi.. please email us at:

We sell to stores and businesses wholesale.. we sell retail

Tell us if your an individual buyer or a business.

If a business you must send us your business information and tax number


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